“Automation Framework” along with lay man’s need to understand it.

Today the IT industry is emerging toward Automating each and every part whether its DevOps, or its Quality Assurance or its working with live projects and whether its some development fields. We as engineers are working for a sole purpose of making human lives more easier everyday.

Fig : Manual to Automation Logo

Now what comes in talk is how manual things are getting converted into automations and the part which software industry play is completely dependent on code and for some good coding practices we have to design an ever green and informational structure which we call a framework.

Talking about this particular term, this is a need to understand and manage code and its easy working. Framework is the key for a good code execution. And considering the part how manual things are shifting to automated concepts…. Not everyone in our industry like teams working with manual quality assurance practices or non technical fields are able to understand code. So the framework designer’s approach must be to make it compatible and understandable for every unknown(non tech) person to every tech geek. This is what the part needs to be added in the industry. Now if we are successful inculcating this into our work space then its an initial process to take every one into automation. What if they don’t know to code, at least the whole team is able to come up and run automation and talk to the framework. And I believe that if this is apart which we have played from our end; Then the day is not so far where our industry will be full of logical thinkers. Today… Automation is a need in every part of our software/IT industry.

I am someone who works with Web Automation using Selenium web driver and what I feel is POM(Page Object Model) is the best framework which every IT individual understands; this particular framework divides all the resources and makes the code flow understandable.

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